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10 Interesting Facts About Bill Russell

Bill Russell Having A Laugh

1. Bill is one of 2 players to ever grab 50 rebounds in a single game! The other player is Wilt Chamberlain

2. Russell was the first african american to become a true “superstar” in the league of the NBA. Many analyst consider Russell to be one of the best player in history

3. His mom, who he was very close with passed away when he was only 12 years old. This left him heartbroken

4. Bill met George Mikan in highschool! George Mikan is known as “Mr. Basketball” and he was a Minneapolis Lakers superstar. Bill also played with hall of famer Frank Robinson in highschool

5. Early on Russell was not given many individual achievements, even though he deserved them, because of racism. He did not let this bother him however, and learned to focus on the team and their accomplishments and not worry about his own

6. Will is his “real” first name

7. When he was in college he played basketball, and also did track and field events as well. In 1956, he was ranked as the 7th best high jumper in the world! This same year he was drafted second overall to the Hawks, who then gave him to the Boston Celtics as part of a trade. His first NBA game was ironically against the team that drafted him

8. Before being in the NBA, Russell was already the captain of his US national basketball team that competed in the 1956 olympics. They were extremely successful as they won by an average of 53.5 points per game, and obviously won the gold medal

9. The matchup between Bill and Wilt is one of the greatest of all time. They even had names for this matchup such as “The Big Collision” or the “Battle of the Titans”

10. When he was introduced to the Naismith Fall of Fame in 1975, he was not there because he had a difficult relationship with the media

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