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10 Interesting Facts About Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony Celebrating

1. Carmelo broke an outstanding record in 2012 when he scored 37 points against Nigeria. The record he broke was the highest single game scoring total for the US Mens Olympic Team

2. Charity work is something that Carmelo engages in quite often. He has his own foundation, and he also donates to various relief efforts. In 2004 for example, Carmelo donated $35,000 to help out with the mess of the Indian Ocean Earthquake.For charitable contributions totaling $4,282,000, Anthony was also  listed as number eight in “The Giving Back 30 List of Largest Charitable Donations by Celebrities in 2006”

3. Anthony has a son named Kiyan. Kiyan was born on March 7th, 2007 and is often with Anthony in interviews, and press conferences

4. He holds the record for the most points ever scored in the Madison Square Garden by any player in history. This game was in 2014 and he managed to get a whopping 62 points! Only 1 less point and he would of tied the recently retired Kobe Bryant for the record, as he has scored 61 at the MSG

5. He led his college, Syracuse, to their first ever championship. His performances were so dominant throughout the one season that he played there, so they decided to retire his jersey as a result

6. Carmelo and his puerto rican dad share the same first name. His dad also sadly passed away when Melo was only 2 years old, and the passing was due to cancer

7. He was spotted in 2004 with the possession of marijuana. Although he got out of the situation by saying it was his friends, it is fair to say that he has tried the drug before

8. He has been in an episode of the show Neds Classified School Survival Guide

9. His middle name is Kyam, which is very similar to his sons name, which is Kiyan

10. In 2013, he was the NBA scoring champion

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