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10 Interesting Facts About Chris Paul

Chris Paul Dribbling A Basketball

1. CP3 Finished his rookie season leading all rooks in points, assists, steals, and double-doubles. Of course with these amazing stats, he went on to win rookie of the year

2. He is a fan of half court offense, and does not enjoy running the floor as much. He has this preference because he likes to take control of the game, and when he slows it down he is able to do just that

3. Him and his wife and 2 kids live in a mansion which they bought from Avril Lavigne in 2012 for $8.5 million

4. Chris has a brother by the name of Charles, and during their summers as kids they spent it working at a service station that was owned by their granddad

5. Paul’s grandfather was killed tragically when he was in highschool at the age of 61, so Paul decided to score exactly 61 points in a highschool game, to honour every year of his grandfathers life

6. Him and his family have been on family feud before!

7. Chris has made the playoffs for the past 6 seasons, but have failed to make it to the conference finals every year. His teams always have great talent but they are not able to close out well when it comes to the playoffs

8. In 2004 he was the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year

9. In 2013 Paul was given the position of the president National Basketball Players Association

10. Wake Forest retired his number because of his stellar career there. That number was 3


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