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10 Interesting Facts About Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade

1. As of 2016, there have only been 4 players to get drafted into the first round, and Dwyane Wade is one of them. On top of this, he has been the highest selection in school history, as he was drafted 5th overall

2. In the 2006 All Star Game, Dwyane was selected as a started for the first time in his career, and it was only his second all star appearance. He played a large role in the game as he had a game winning put back that allowed the East to beat the West 122 – 120

3. Dwyane spells his name unlike many other people, and this is because his mom, JoLinda that decided it for him. Very shortly after he was born, his mom and dad (JoLinda and Dwyane Wade Sr) had split up, which made Wades early childhood life even harder. Other things he had to go through as a kid were gang violence, police raids, and his mom being a drug dealer and eventually getting arrested

4. Wade had an older sister named Tragil, who he gives credit to often for steering him in the right direction and showing him responsibility, as well as other life skills

5. Wade got married in 2002 to Siohvaughn Funches, who was his high school girlfriend. 5 years later in 2007, he filed for a divorce and it was a very complicated one. Eventually in 2010 everything settled, and Wade received custody of his 2 sons. In 2009 he started dating Gabrielle Union, and they are still together to this day

6. Wade chose the number 3 because it represents the Holy Trinity. Wade is a christian, and he is a man with great generosity. 10% of his salary goes to a church in Chicago

7. 2 of Wades nicknames are “Flash” and “D-Wade”

8. At the 2012 all star game, Wade was able to record a triple double. His stat line was 24 points, and exactly 10 rebounds and 10 assists

9. When JoLinda got out of prison in 2003, she was able to watch her sons first basketball game in over 5 years! The game that she watched was when Dwyane was playing Cincinnati, and his Marquette team beat them 70-61. JoLinda has been clean of drugs ever since

10. Wade has been to the olympics twice in his career. The first was in 2004, where his USA team landed a bronze medal. This obviously did not seem to satisfy him and his teammates because when they went back in 2008, they brought back gold

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