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10 Interesting Facts About Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Sitting Down On The Floor

1. Kevin Durant was the first ever freshman to win the Naismith College Player of the year award

2. When Durant was very small his father left him, so he was raised by his mom and grandma. His dad then came back in his life when he was 13, and he travelled with him for basketball

3. Kevin played at 3 different highschools! His first 2 years were at National Christian Academy, his third at Oak Hill Academy, and then his senior year at Montrose Christian School

4. His first game winning shot ever was against the Atlanta Hawks

5. Durant’s wingspan is 7 feet and 4 inches!

6. He has opened up his own restaurant, which is called KD’s Southern Cuisine

7. Kevin Durant is christian and he goes to chapel before every game. He also has many tattoo’s that reflect his religion as well

8. He has donated $1 million to American Red Cross in order to support the 2013 Moore Tornado

9. In 2012 a poll was taken and Durant was voted the 3rd most liked player in the NBA behind Kobe and LeBron

10. Durant was one of the credential photographers for the Super Bowl 50. Look’s like he has another career lined up for him if he ever needs it

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