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10 Interesting Facts About Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Shooting a fadeaway jumpshot

1. Kobe is the youngest player to score 30,000 points. He did this at the age of 34 and 104 days

2. He was named after the famous “Kobe beef”, which his parents saw on a restaurant menu. Little did they know that this name would revolutionize the world.

3. Bryant was the first guard to be ever taken out of highschool.

4. The black mamba holds the NBA record for most seasons played with one franchise for an entire career

5. The Hornets didn’t even consider drafting Bryant, but they ended up doing it because of a trade with the Lakers, where the Lakers would tell them which player they wanted in exchange for the lakers starting center at the time

6. His parents had to co sign his first NBA contract, because he was only 17 at the time

7. Kobe had a very short rapping career, but it turned out to have a very long impact on his life. While he was recording a rap is when he met his wife, Vanessa because she was in the same building at the time

8. Mr.81 apparently did not invite any of his Laker teammates at the time to his wedding, and also that Kobe never attended Shaq’s wedding

9. Early on in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s relationship with each other, Kobe showed no sign of fear by saying “you know I can kick your ass one on one”

10. Kobe is fluent in Italian


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