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10 Interesting Facts About Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson Backing Down MJ

1. Johnson went to Everett high school, and the main population of the school was white. Johnson felt the impact of racism in many ways because his teammates would not pass him the ball in practice, ignored him, and he got in fights in players

2. “Magic” got his nickname when he was 15 years old. He got this nickname when he recorded a triple double, totalling 36 points, 18 rebounds, and 16 assists. Ever since he has been known as “Magic”

3. In 1991, Johnson publicly announced that he himself is HIV positive. At that time many still believed that the disease could only affect those that are gay, but with Johnson announcing he has the disease, the myth started to fade away. Ever since he has become a spokesperson for the disease, and been a large factor in raising awareness, donating, and much more

4. Magic won championships in highschool, college, and also in his rookie season as an NBA player. Not only did he win the championship, but he also received the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, and was the first player to receive this award as a rookie. Magic went on to win 5 championships later on in his career as well, all with the Lakers

5. Growing up, his favourite player was no other than Bill Russell. He admired Bill because of the 11 championships he won in his career, which no NBA player has ever done before. His athletic ability is also something that Magic admired about Bill

6. Johnson coached the Lakers for a total of 16 games in 1994. He had always wanted to coach, and his dream was fulfilled. His finals record as a coach was 5-11, which is definitely not the best win/loss percentage

7. In 1999, he played 5 games with a Swedish team. The Swedish team was called the M7 Boras and Magic became a co-owner of the club

8. Johnson and his wife, Cookie, have one son by the name of Earvin III. Earvin III is openly gay and is featured on reality TV shows. In 1995, the couple also adopted a daughter, named Elisa

9. Magic and former Lakers owner Jerry Buss had a very close connection. Magic saw him as a second father and a best friend. Magic credited all his achievement to Jerry Buss, by saying without him there is no “Magic”

10. He is known as the tallest player to officially play the point guard position. Magic was listed as 6’9“, which is even tall for the 2 or 3 position, let alone a point guard

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